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May 30, 2005

Do you want to discuss one of the 'research profiles'?

Here I'm creating a space in which we could discuss things you've read in the Research Profiles. Just click on "comments" and post your message. Cynthia.

Are feminist antimilitarists necessarily 'antinationalist'?

You'll see that I've recently added some new Research Profiles to the weblog - if you have time, take a look at the ones for Spain, Serbia and India. 

One of the questions that's arisen in some of my visits and interviews is: are feminist antimilitarists necessarily 'antinationalist'? Some suggest that opposition to nationalism is bound to be one of the founding principles of Women in Black as an international network. Others say, 'Hold on a minute!  What about....'  They are thinking of people, stateless in a world of nation states, who may still feel their survival depends on having a territory of 'their own' in which to feel secure in their 'name'.

I would enjoy to hear your views on the relationship between feminisms, antimilitarisms and nationalisms. Do please post your thoughts below. Cynthia.

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