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May 30, 2005

Do you want to discuss one of the 'research profiles'?

Here I'm creating a space in which we could discuss things you've read in the Research Profiles. Just click on "comments" and post your message. Cynthia.



I don't know if it'd be appropriate here, but... there's something about the term and the interpretation of "vigils" we could discuss. I have the feeling there are at least two different trends, and actually in Madrid we don't call them "vigils" but "actions" (meaning nonviolent direct actions). One trend has an spiritual weight, it follows the tradition of religious vigils, I guess, and the other takes the kind of action but is not a spiritual event, but mostly political...???

It's just an idea, I'm not sure about this, but I think there's something here...


Yes, that's a useful thought, Michelle. It's true that the word 'vigil' sets up certain expectations of stillness and 'witnessing', and many WiB events aren't like that in character. (Sorry I took so long to respond to your point). Cynthia.

Hi Cynthia,

i was just wondering about your views on gender and technology. Am doing this essay on it and am finding it difficult to put it down on paper. May be you can help me.
Thank You

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