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December 22, 2004

Including men? Some questions.

In my travels to Women in Black groups in other countries I've found almost all include a few men on vigils, and sometimes even within the organization (though not in the decision-making). Women say, 'Well, they're veterans or conscientious objectors', or 'They're quiet and supportive'.

In London WiB we have maintained our organization and our vigil site as a women-only space. I concur in this. But I would like to be clear about our reasoning. Would any London WiB (or other) friends like to debate this question here on my weblog? Arguments both for and against including men would be welcome. This discussion will contribute to my research.

I just put up two new new Profiles (Florida and San Francisco Bay Area) and a new Thinking Aloud piece (Feminism as a Resource etc.). Comments, as always, welcome.

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