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September 10, 2004

Weblog as action-research tool

I set up this weblog in early 2004 as an experimental tool in a process of action-research I was just then beginning.

The research project was titled Women Opposing War: Organization and Strategy in the International Movement of Women against Violence and Militarism. I carried it out, during 2004-2006, from within the Department of Sociology, City University, London, with the support of several charitable trusts.

The project was one of action-research. That is, my aim as researcher was to strengthen and inform the women’s organizations that were my research subjects, in some of which I was myself active. You’ll find a short outline of the project under ‘Think-pieces and talks’ below. Click on ‘Project Description’.

The provisional research materials I posting here during those three years are of two kinds. First, ‘Think-pieces and Talks’. These are just what that title implies: ephemeral, inviting discussion.

Second, ‘Research Profiles’. These were interim findings from my research visits to various cities and countries. Although I checked them out carefully with my informants, I do nonetheless continue to welcome suggestions for making them more accurate and meaningful.

My hope was that the act of putting provisional research materials into public space in this waymight enable others to help me improve them, facilitate discussion among activists and researchers in this field, and deepen our understanding of each other’s activities and ideas.

Although the research period has ended and, as mentioned in the adjacent post ,"the book is published now", I shall continue to read your comments with interest. Please keep them as concise as you can.

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