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October 19, 2004

Down to work

Thanks to Samba, Pat, Gila, Marcia, Lieve and Indira for encouraging comments on this weblog idea. I've deleted their friendly posts to make room for discussion...

Anywoman, especially WiB activist, who has time to look at my three 'Research Profiles' (down on the right) or recent talks (down on the left) is welcome to comment, discuss, exchange news and views. Please click on 'Comments' and fill in the box that pops up.

It's not difficult and takes only a moment!

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After 3o years of " belonging" to women's groups, people in poverty groups, unions, student groups and working with aboriginal groups, seniors groups, anti-racism groups, left wing groups, anti-war groups, marxist groups,gay rights groups,enviornmental groups, and being in the struggle against racism, sexism, chavinism, elitism, corporatism, etc...etc...etc..., have been recently confronted with hundreds of requests for money, time, labour, resources, rally organizing, march organizing, demonstration organizing,petition signing, letter writing and to join thiusands of groups with real 'causes. It is my conclusion that "we" are simply reacting to the divisions created by "them" by dividing our energies between "us" along the lines that "they" have created.(Sex, race, colour, creed, sexual orientation, ancestry, nation or nationality, sexual orientation,etc...)Yes. marxism and other "left" theorists have their limits as the be all and end all for analysis.That does not mean that we throw the proverbial "baby" out with the "bath water".History evolves, as do we.yes. Globalization has a very intriguing and positive aspect....the crossing of borders and the recognition that "we" have the same issues on this planet. Never before have "we" connected, shared, communicated and worked together like "we" do now,in human history. I love it!...Captial has evolved. We live in the age of imperialism. No surprise. And Yes. Corporate interests dominate the politic and social , economic and political life of every human on this planet. I fear that "we" sometimes forget that and divert our "eyes from the prize"...The spiritual path does not "see" divisions...it walks in truth and seeks to liberate the Self...and create the conditions for all to have the freedom and choice to be whom they are....human!I choose to seek that which unites "us", not to "belong" to a category "they" have imposed upon "us".Yes. There is a great link between militarism and white male supremists. The " anti-war" movement has evolved into a democratic accountability movement, around the world. The "anti-globalization" movement has merged into it. And millions ( yes, millions ) now recognize that "we" must act as " we".I do not discourage people from organizing into what they need or feel works and to do what they can. I do encourage all to recognize that " they" seek to divide us in any wya they can...they always choose artificial boundaires to accomplish that...because "they " have the power to do that. Empowering the Self to own itSelf and to be accountable for that in the process of "becoming" is what I encourage organizers to focus upon...as you call it...giving women voice....I prefer to walk the path of giving voice to the people...let those who are affected by a decision be given the power to make that decision....in all aspects of life...and in all aspects of the exercise of power..at this point in history, that primarily means state power in the hands of the people...not corporate board rooms. If anything must be learned form "9/11" and Iraq and Bush, it is that. Bush is not the "bad white male"...he serves the corporate interests...pure and simple...since Nov. 11 just passed....I plead: "Lest We Forget"...

Posted by: Larry Kowalchuk | November 13, 2004 10:18 PM

We share very much, Larry, your aim of a world without imposed differences of identity. Like you we want to build a world movement of justice-loving human beings. But (Ederlinda says) right now so many are oppressed or marginalized as groups labelled with 'names' by those who are more powerful and seem them as 'other' and of less value than themselves. So (Cynthia says)we often have differnt experiences of life and feel a need to seek justice in that name.

Carmen wonders who you 'are' and whether you move in a small circle only of people 'like' yourself, so that you do not see the way we oppress each other?

As women we welcome the cooperation of men but expect them to acknowledge sexism and the violence against women practised by many men. We would value men who work consciously and openly with other men to take responsibility to change masculine cultures.

Best, Cynthia, Carmen, Ederlinda attending the conference on 'Human Security and Development' of the East Asia, US, Puerto Rico Network of Women against Militarism, Manila, Philippines, November 27, 2004.

Posted by: Cynthia, Ederlinda and Carmen | November 27, 2004 01:32 AM

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