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June 16, 2008

Blog for women of the WRDA "Women in Conflict" project, Northern Ireland

Dear friends whom I met at the Women in Conflict conference in Cookstown on June 5.

We didn't have time for much of a chat - but I promised to put my paper on the website for you to look at again if you are interested. And so I have. You will find it on this page, down below the photos on the left hand side, under a heading "Thinking Aloud".  You will recognize the title as "Women in transition to peace: N.Ireland, Guatemala, Cyprus, Serbia". Please click on it to read the paper.

And if you wish to discuss the stories and ideas raised in the talk, please use this blog to send your comment, to me and to each other. Just click on "comments" and follow the instructions.  Everyone can chip in, it's easy!

It was a privilege and pleasure to be with you at your conference and I hope the project continues well. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes, Cynthia.


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